What's in a View?

     It’s at those times when you should lay back, close your eyes and just invision how you want that particular room to look and feel to those who enter in. At times one must take themselves out of the equation when trying to figure out what works best, what is not enough and what is too much.

     Tiera Interiors has provided you some decorating ideas that were displayed in model homes that would give you an idea in designing your own room with a view, whether it be that office space within your home, that corner sitting room, formal dining area, or a view from the master bath. The openeness, even flow, and energy is truly that of Feng Shui and how a spacing can really add depth and volume to any room. So, in designing your room with a view consider the color scheme, and coordinating accessories such as the variation of different types of window treatments. Also, you want to keep it very simple, but yet elegant. All of these ideas can be accomplished within your budget by letting Tiera Interiors service you.